These Filmmakers Are Immortalizing New Yorkers And Their Stories In 3D

If you live in an urban center like New York, it’s likely that you’re accustomed to riding the subway. It’s simultaneously one of the most alienating and communal experiences you can have in a city–especially during rush hour, when people from all walks of life squeeze into cramped train cars and hurtle towards their destinations, trying not to sniff too deeply or take up too much space. You might spend hours of your life brushing shoulders with the other denizens of your city, but you never really know who they are.

A new VR project called Blackout, which is being created and shown at the Tribeca Film Festival’s Virtual Arcade, is trying to change that. A collaboration between the immersive media studio Scatter and the VR tech startup DepthKitBlackout plops its viewers directly into the familiar setting of a New York City subway car and surrounds them with virtual strangers. But these aren’t characters manufactured for the virtual environment–they’re real New Yorkers who’ve been filmed in 3D using DepthKit’s volumetric camera.

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