Video: “Storyboarding ‘Blood Simple.’”



27 mayo 2017

Video: “Storyboarding ‘Blood Simple.’”
Take 5 minutes to watch and appreciate the genius of the Coen brothers.

Frances McDormand’s comments at the end are really interesting. When she does a movie, one thing she asks the director is if they storyboard. Why?

Even if I never see them (storyboards), to know that a director… is thinking about how it’s going to be edited, that’s what I learned from Joel and Ethan. Then I know what I’m serving. I do not believe that it’s an actor’s medium nor a director’s medium, I believe it’s an editor’s medium, so as an actor if I’m serving the final edit of a film, which is what I believer storyboards prepare you for, then I know the person knows what they’re doing. If someone comes to me and says, ‘This director is really great with actors,’ I don’t care. Because I know how to do my job, I don’t them to help me do my job. Do they know how to edit the film? I’d love to work with them.

With the Coen brothers, that editing process all starts at the script stage. Their screenplays are so tightly written, their vision so clear, there’s hardly ever any variation from script to screen.

Takeaway: When you write a script, be sure to put on your editor’s hat.